Anti-Aging Center

In the modern society, personal wellness and beauty are the most talked about topics among us. Being healthy can bring us confidence, happiness, it can also make our work more effective. In general, a healthy body and a good-looking face are considered the successful factors in our lives and work.

Nowadays, with the leading technology and innovation in anti-aging medical care from Italy, Novavida Integrative Medical Center provides you with the anti-aging holistic health care to let you achieve the success much easier.


About Anti-Aging Center

Novavida Integrative Medical Center is located in Phothalai Leisure Park in Bangkok, which covers 80 rai area. This place is also well known as the Center of Wellness under the concept of New Hope, New Life. Led by Prof. Yvan Torrente, aneurologist from Italy specializing in stem cells, Novavida applies the world’s leading technology and innovation into practice.

Novavida always holds a vision that Thailand and its people should also have the opportunity to receive the outstanding medical services for disease prevention and treatments. Meanwhile, Novavida’s obligation is also to contribute into the development and research of stem cell therapy in Thailand.

Novavida Integrative Medical Center has a long-term partnership with Thailand’s leading educational and medical institutions, such as King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University, Institute of Molecular Biosciences Mahidol University. At the same time, Novavida also continuously contributes in the cancer immunotherapy together with Faculty of Medicine of Chulalongkorn University.


Highlights of the Anti-Aging Center

Novavida Intergrative Medical Center’s anti-aging treatment and cell regeneration therapy not only help the patients to restore their health, but also help those not sick to enhance their immune system and improve the life quality. Novavida also has its own international standard labotary for stem cells culture, which is comparable to the global leading hospitals, making Novavida stand out among the competitors.

Novavida is equipped the Electro Interstitial Scan (E.I.S) device, it effectively and rapidly scans and interprets the 9 systems of human body within 10 minutes, including digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system, cardiovascular system and urogenital system and so on.

Electro Interstitial Scan (E.I.S) works with the principle of Biofeedback by transmitting a low-voltage current to the body to measure the water resistance of the cell and tissue oxygen delivery. When the electrical detect any imbalances, there will be an alert with different colour marked in the 3D model. The E.I.S. scan gives a valuable visualisation of the whole body systems and organs without side effects and pain. After the scan, there will be the session of doctor consulation according to the result.

Novavida also offers genetic screening, which helps to detect the potential genetic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases or cancers. The free radical test and food intolerance test help the people to identify the potential origins of allergy in order for a better prevention of diseases and maintaining the health. Meanwhile, according to every individual patient’s health condition, Novavida also provides Ozone therapy, Hormone therapy and cell therapy and adivices on diet and nutrients to restore the health. The professional and experienced doctors in anti-aging medical care will customize the treatment plans for each patient.


Services of the Anti-Aging Center

1. Pre-Screening to detect the risk of diseases

Novavida Integrative Medical Center uses the world-leading medical equipment Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS) from the United States. It provides a colour-coded model and feedback on the activity of the body on a cellular level. Charts and graphs are also generated to provide helpful biofeedback.




2. Food Intolerance Test

Novavida Integrative Medical Center applies the USA Advanced Food Sensitivity Test (132 Food Items) to test the food intolerance. A sample of blood will be taken from the patient for an allergen-specific IgE test to measure the levels of different IgE antibodies in the blood that cause allergic reactions. This world leading techonology is designed to help detect the hidden food sensitivities among 132 everyday food items that are the causes of many debilitating symptoms with reliable and accurate results.





3. Genetic-Screening

Genetic-Screening is a testing to detect and evaluate the risk of genetic diseases. A blood test or a urine test can also detect the problems of human body. However, they still can predict the risk of potential disease which may occur in the future. Therefore, by taking the genetic-screening, the doctor can help the patients with recommendations that accurately streamline to the patient’s genetic blueprint to stay healthy. The whole process is quick and completely painless. It helps to detect the development of disease and prevent its occurance in advance as well as help to reduce the medical cost in the future.




4. IV Nutrition Drip For Beauty

IV Nutrition Drip for Beauty is an alternative and allopathic treatment producing vitamins, minerals introduced into the bloodstream intravenously to restore the skin cells rejuvenation or body shaping, this treatment includes:


4.1  Skin Blink

Skin Blink is the treatment providing concentrated natural extracts with vitamins, minerals and enzymes intravenously into the bloodstream to help to brighten the skin tone, protect the body and tissues from the accumulated free radicals in the body, it also helps to reduce the wrinkles, dark spots on the skin, smooth the skin with radiant look.





4.2  Aura Addicted Infusion

Aura Addicted Infusion is the treatment providing concentrated minerals and vitamins intravenously into the bloodstream to solve the skin problems and restore the complexion and skin texture by brightening the skin with healthy look.





4.3 Weight Burning

Weight Buring therapy is the provision of essential vitamins with L-Carnitine intravenously via the bloodstream to diminish the accumulation of fat molecules and transform the fat into energy.





4.4  Perfect Curve Infusion

Perfect Curve Infusion is an anti-aging medical treatment providing vitamins, L-Carnitine and minerals intravenously into the bloodstream to double the metabolism acceleration twice faster than the normal process, it helps to stimulate L-Carnitine’s function, increasing the muscle performance during the exercises, it converts body fat and sugar into energy.




5. IV Nutrition Drip For Detoxification

IV Nutrition Drip for Detoxification is an alternative and allopathic treatment producing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients introduced into the bloodstream intravenously to purge out toxic materials from the body, this treatment includes:

5.1 Chelation Therapy

The chelation therapy administers EDTA (Ethylene Di-amine Tetra-Acetic Acid) and other essential vitamins and minerals intravenously, where EDTA functions to bind with heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, as well as calcium deposits accumulated in the arteries that are harmful to the cells and arteries walls. These metals will then be filtered through the kidneys and removed through urine. It effectively restores the health of arteries, reduces inflammation in the arteries, and improves blood circulation. Chelation therapy is widely used in anti-aging medical care.




5.2 Liver Detoxification

Liver detox is the provision of essential vitamins such as vitamin C, B vitamins, amino acids, glutathione, magnesium, peptides and other nutrients which support the elimination of toxins by the liver and help to restore the function of liver.




5.3 Vascular Detoxification

Vascular detox treatment helps to clean the plaque and fats on the artery system. The purpose of vascular detox is to clean the blood vessels and restore the circulatory system to reduce the risk of potential diseases caused by poor blood circulation. The vascular detox therapy is an effective method to restore the vascular system health widely used in Anti-aging medical care both in Thailand and abroad.




6. IV Nutrition Drip For Health

IV Nutrition Drip for health is an alternative and allopathic treatment producing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients introduced into the bloodstream intravenously to help cure the chronic diseases which can’t be completely cured by taking medicines, such as fatigue, insomnia, tiredness, if these chronic diseases may cause more severe diseases in the long term. The IV Nutrition Drip for Health focuses on improving the immune system, which includes:


6.1 Brain Booster

Brain Booster treatment offers an alternative booster of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids necessary for the brain intravenously into the bloodstream to improve the function of neurotransmitters and brain health.





6.2 Brain Enhancer

Brain Enhancer is a treatment offering an alternative enhancer of essential containing free amino acids, vitamins and the low molecular peptide intravenously into the bloodstream to improve the brain function, preventing the neurological and brain diseases and slow down aging process.




6.3 Energy Refreshing Infusion

Energy Refreshing Infusion is a treatment offering an alternative essential of vitamins and mineral nutrients intravenously into the bloodstream to help restore your energy and boost your liveliness as well as solve the chronic disease problems which can not be cured by medicines, such as fatigue, insomnia, easy tiredness, it also helps to restore the health.




6.4 Digestive Enhancer

Digestive Enhancer is a treatment offering an alternative essential of minerals and nutrients rich in enzyme intravenously into the bloodstream to support and improve the digestive system and help to solve the problems in the gut such as gastritis, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and so on. This treatment also helps to enhance the body’s absorption of proteins, lower the cholesterol levels in order to slow down the aging process.




6.5 Premium Myer’s Cocktail

Premium Myer’s Cocktail offers an alternative booster of essential vitamin C, vitamin B and minerals such as magnesium, calcium and antioxidants intravenously into the bloodstream to improve your body’s immune system.




6.6 Diabetes

Diabetes therapy offers the essentials of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in biochemical reactions and more than 300 enzyme intravenously into the bloodstream to help the body with producing insulin to maintain the blood sugar level within the normal level, it also helps to improve the cardiovascular system and enhance the functions of the body.




6.7 Hang Over Recovery Infusion

Hang Over Recovery Infusion offers an alternative booster of essential minerals intravenously into the bloodstream to restore the health after getting drunk, excrete the free radicals and boost the liveliness. This treatment also helps to restore the liver health after drinking alcohol, relieve the symptoms of headaches, nausea. It can help to recover from the hangover within 30 – 45 minutes.




6.8 Supreme Vitamin C Infusion

Supreme Vitamin C Infusion is to inject the essential vitamin C and vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and antioxidant nutrients intravenously into the bloodstream to enable the body to rapidly absorb vitamins and minerals. This treatment offers high amounts of vitamins C and antioxidants, it enhances the white blood cells to prevent virus-related illness and helps to balance the immune system, stimulate the immune system to work more efficiently to reduce the risks of diseases.






6.9 Enercell Therapy

Enercell therapy is an IV treatment which administers essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients intravenously into the bloodstream. This treatment helps to enhance the immune system and activate the white cells to fight against the cancer cells to prevent the cancer. The enercell therapy is also an optional treatment for the patients with HIV or cancer viruses.





7. Age Reversal Therapy


7.1 Ozone Therapy

The Ozone Therapy at Novavida Integrative Medical Center helps improve your overall health. A 180 – 200 cc blood will be taken from the patient, then mixed with the ozone, and intravenously injected back via the bloodstream. This therapy activates the body’s own antioxidant and eliminates the bacteria, viruses and harmful microorganisms in the body by transforming them into inert and non-toxic substances which will be excreted by the liver and kidneys. The Ozone Therapy also helps stimulate the producing of white cells to enhance the immune system.



7.2 Colon Hydrotherapy

The Colon Hydrotherapy at Novavida Integrative Medical Center is a healing practice in which the colon (large intestine) is gently cleaned and irrigated by a stream of warm, filtered water of 37.5 – 38.5 degree , which is the same temperature as the body to promote regular bowel movements, rinsing out toxins and residues.



8. Medical Laser Therapy

Optimum Endolight therapy at Novavida Integrative Center uses a Low-Level Laser technology invented in Germany, this treatment applies low-level laser to stimulate the mitochondria, or cells’ powerhouse to produce a substantial amount of anergy. The Optimum Endolight therapy helps to repair to damaged cells without destroying the tissues, reducing the risk of diseases. It is widely used in the anti-aging medical care.





9. Beauty Reinforcement Treatment

9.1 Body Contour by Indiba

Body Contour by Indiba therapy uses the innovated technology and equipment, helping with reshaping the body and restoring the muscles at the cell level. The therapy works by releasing a unique Radio Frequency (448 KHz) of energy that is directed into targeted areas of the skin’s dermis and subdermal layer. The therapy produces bio-stimulation for metabolism activation and cell maintenance to burn and break the fat cell. This therapy is effective without pain and wound.




9.2 Illuminating Growth Factor

Illuminating Growth Factor is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment using the patient’s own blood platelets to stimulate new cell growth, helping to improve your complexion and skin texture.



9.3 Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP)

Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP) is the treatment to restore or heal the injured joints tissues, tendons, muscles or the chronic inflammation by stimulating the cells and the regeneration of tissues and collagen. This treatment helps to restore the skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, deep grooves, dark spots, scars and acne scars, revitalizing the skin with younger and brighter look.





9.4 Fat Destroyed with Slim & Tight burning

Fat Destroyed with Slim & Tight burning is a perfect combination for body shaping and anti-aging medical care. It helps the prompt the weight loss by accelerating the metabolism which activates the fat cell to burn twice faster than the normal process. It also helps to stimulate the L-Carnitine in the body and increase the muscles performance in order to shape the body to be healthy and firm. This treatment is suitable for those with accumulative fats and it is effective in burning the fats with obvious results. It is also helpful in restoring the cells functions.





10. Muscle & Joint for Pain Relieve

Muscle & Joint for Pain Relieve uses the innovative technology by generating an electromagnetic wave at a precise frequency of 448 kHz (kilohertz) to cause the temperature of the body increasing by 3 – 5 degrees to stimulate the cellular activity. During the whole process, two types of electrodes will be used in the treatment, of which the Capacitive Electrode (CET) is used to improve the blood circulation and lymph node as well as help to burn the fat, while the Resistive Electrode(RET) is used to stimulate the specific lymph nodes and burn the in-depth fat. The research also shows that the radio frequency helps to stimulate rejuvenation and revitalization by tightening and lifting effect on the skin, reducing the wrinkles.