Brain Enhancer

Brain Enhancer

What is Brain Enhancer?

Brain Enhancer is the intravenous injection of fluids containing substances in the form of necessary free amino acid and peptide of which molecular weight is biotechnologically low. Integrative anti-aging care is used for the nervous system and the brain’s restoration and prevention by fixing the cell’s walls and strengthening neurotransmitter. The formulated Brain Enhancer Vitamin focuses on collaboratively solving the root of the deterioration of the brain’s cells with the fixing of the deteriorated brain’s cells to resume its normal function. Hormone balance is adjusted or substituted hormone is used to prevent nerve cells from the destruction of toxicity. It reduces the risks of the brain’s diseases and boosts the efficiency of memorability and learning.


How often should we get Brain Enhancer?

You can get 2-3 times/ week depending on the considerations of the specialized anti-aging doctors. It takes about 90-120 minutes/time.

Who is suitable for Brain Enhancer?

Brain Enhancer is suitable for a person who needs the brain’s power boost and the nervous system and the brain’s restoration. It is also suitable for a person who wants to prevent the risks of brain’s diseases.