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Food Intolerance test package with special technique. The efficient and high-accurate test is conducted in laboratory in the United States of America.

Food is essential for strengthening and repairing body cells. Therefore, it should have variety and appropriate proportions which can prevent us from diseases. On the other hand, these appropriate diets for others might not suit us due to the resistance from our bodies. So, those diets become toxins.

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What is Food Intolerance?

Food intolerance or chronic food allergy caused by Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibody which is produced by the body to resist food. The reactions or allergic symptoms from the food don’t show straightway compared to normal allergy (acute allergy). This is an important point that obscures a person with the symptoms of their cause. Food intolerance mechanism starts when white blood cells produce a specific antibody that fights against the allergic food we take in the digestive tract. The antibody will catch the allergic food and generate the particles which transport to parts of the body and cause inflammation. These symptoms and types of allergic food are different in each person. However, non-allergic food is absorbed through the walls of the small intestine to normally feed the body through the bloodstream.


The symptoms of food intolerance

Food intolerance comes with the symptoms, chronically occur, which their causes are unknown.  Food intolerance activates the symptoms in many areas; starting from the digestive tract; such as indigestion, colic, flatulence, burping or farting, constipation, inflammatory acne, or panniculitis on parts of the body; such as the face, body, back, arms and legs.

The symptoms also include the unknown sore throat, chronic headache, migraine, joint pain, runny nose. The patients normally have those symptoms without knowing the specific causes. No matter how hard we try to indicate them, the specific causes remain unidentified. In fact, these symptoms all come from food intolerance. In addition, in getting food intolerance, Histamine will be not secreted as found in acute allergy, therefore, taking Anti-histamine doesn’t help relieve the symptoms. The allergic food needs to be specified and avoided in order to improve the condition.


How does FOOD INTOLERANCE happen?

  • It is familial diseases from a high immune system that goes against some food.
  • The body has digestive tract disorders; in terms of the weak immune system in the digestive tract, inefficient digestive system, and malabsorption.
  • The imbalance of the intestinal microbes. We normally have 3 types of intestinal microbe; beneficial bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, and yeasts. When beneficial bacteria are decreased; such as in a person who normally takes antibiotics, yeasts are, on the contrary, increased in the intestine. This causes a breach in the mucosal barrier. The absorption of some food will stimulate the immune system which causes allergy.

The Possible Symptoms from FOOD INTOLERANCE

  • Nervous system:

Migraine, headache, and depression, anxiety, weariness, and attention deficit

  • Respiratory system:

Rhinitis, sinusitis, and asthma

  • Muscular system:

Arthritis, joint pain, muscular pain

  • Gastrointestinal system:

Vomit, flatulence, abdominal cramps, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, weight control problem, and colic

  • Skin:

Urticaria, dermatitis, allergy, tinea, rash, and others:


How is food intolerance reaction checked?

Novavida Integrative Medical Center adopts UAS Advanced Food Intolerance Test (132 Food Items) in checking food allergy.  Blood will be drawn for lymph from which special technique is used to find particular IgG in the United States of America. This cutting-edge and world-class technology can check food intolerance and 132 food items which ensures the most correct and accurate results.


By checking the result of allergy test, the specialized doctor of Novavida Integrative Medical (Anti-Aging Center) will give inclusive counsels.

in terms of nutrition and appropriate health care in order to substitute for inedible food.”