Illuminating Growth Factor


What is Illuminating Growth Factor?

Illuminating Growth Factor is the medical science on anti-aging which feeds skin nutrients, repairs skin at the cellular level by distilling platelet from the blood via plasma fractionation. The acquired platelets contain Growth Factor which helps the growth of skin cells, the increasing of elastic fiber, fibroblast, and collagen, and the stimulation of new vessel generation under the skin. It returns deteriorated skin brightness and freshness.
It decreases wrinkles resulted from deteriorated skin and accelerates wound healing. Moreover, Illuminating Growth Factor can suppress hyperpigmentation disorders from sunlight. It can also obviously fade blemish, freckles, and dark spots.

The advantages of Illuminating Growth Factor

• Restore deteriorated skin for rejuvenated skin
• Refreshes skin
• Give radiant, bright, and healthy skin
• Restore deteriorated skin

• Solve skin problems; such as blemish, freckles, and dark spots
• Solve wrinkly hand
• Stimulate elastin production
• Stimulate collagen under the skin

The advantages of Illuminating Growth Factor ?

• High efficiency and fast result
• High safety as it is the injection of self-owned platelets which ensures zero allergy
• No operation or bleeding
• No wound
• Convenient, fast, and no recuperation

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The service has refrained for pregnant women, hematologic and lymphatic cancer patients, a person with septicemia or severe inflammation, a person with blood clotting disorder or platelet disorders, and a person with anemia.