Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells)


NK Cells ( Natural Killer Cells ) – Non Targeted Immunotherapy


This immune is derived from the bone marrows. It is considered as an important type of white blood cells in the rapid response to non-specific foreign object which means that if the body detects an abnormal germ or cell, NK CELLS will manage to destroy them immediately without examining whether they have encountered such characteristics before. Also, it can distinguish between normal and abnormal cells. So, NK CELLS are capable of destroying pathogens and able to detect abnormal cells such as virus and cancer cells. For patients who have physically weak, it may be assumed that the amount of NK CELLS is less than normal or normal but inefficient. Consequently, the body is not able to fight against foreign materials that occur in the body causing whether virus, cancer cell, or various pathogens a quickly spread.


How is the immune system weakened?

What are the factors known to undermine the immune system?

In addition to diseases that directly affect the immune system,
there are other factors as follows:

  1. Insufficient rest: when the body does not get enough rest according to its need for each day for a long time, it will cause more stress hormones to the body resulting in adversely effect on the immune system and an increase in the risk of inflammation and infection.
  2. Lack of exercise: exercise is a way to stimulate the immune system. On the other hand, lacking of exercise can weaken the immune system since it helps the body to create chemicals that help us become stronger, feels refreshed, and increases immunity.
  3. Eating unhealthy food: consuming a lot of sugar, grilled food, fermented foods, and junk food will negatively affect the function of immune system because the body does not get enough minerals and vitamins that help strengthen the immune system.
  4. Cumulative stress: stress directly impacts the immune system because when the body has high stress, the stress hormones will weaken the immune system and make the body more vulnerable to infections.

The studies show that NK CELLS performance decreases due to aging which is related to the occurrence of cancer that is mostly found in the elderly. Besides, there are other factors that weaken NK CELLS’s ability.




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How many NK cells are in the body and how does it work?

Normally, the body has approximately 2,000-5,000 million NK cells. When foreign materials invade, NK CELLS will respond immediately and fight against them within 24 hours by creating the 2 following types of chain reactions:

1. NK CELLS will deal with foreign cells with a direct killing called CYTOTOXICITY.

2. NK CELLS will work while releasing protein in the bloodstream called CYTOKINE calling other cells in the immune system to help NK CELLS kill foreign cells (or help prevent tumor growth.)

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How do we know that our NK CELLS is insufficient or inefficient?

We can check the number of NK CELLS by collecting blood and measuring the amount of  NK CELLS called NK COUNT. Measuring the performance of NK CELLS can be manages by  taking a blood test which we call NK ACTIVITY.

One of the most accurate and fastest NK CELLS counting methods is FLOW CYTOMETRY technique or cell analysis by using lasers.
The results of the measurement reflect overall readiness in preventing foreign materials of the immune system which needs to be carried out in conjunction with the NK CELLS performance measurement because although a large amount of numbers but low quality and ineffective, NK CELLS are not able to protect the body anyway.


How does the immune system and NK cells increase?

We can multiply the amount of NK CELLS in our bodies by the following methods:

Increasing NK CELLS by yourself

  1. Have meals at the right time with all 5 food groups. Eat healthy foods, especially green leafy vegetables, meat, and soy milk
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol
  4. Get enough rest, try to relax your mind, and do not stress

Another method is application of technology in aquaculture in the laboratory. This method cultures NK CELLS in the laboratory in order to increase both of its amount and performance. This will take around 2-3 weeks. NK cells will be injected back into the body when they are ready.


NK cell-based immunotherapy approaches ?

  • Patients meet experienced doctors to assess health and plan treatment in detail
  • Collect blood to test NK COUNT and NK ACTIVITY, and then isolate NK CELLS from patient blood
  • Culture NK CELLS in CLEAN ROOM CLASS 100 to increase the amount as required
  • Inject the cells back into the body through a vein
  • Monitor and evaluate the treatment