Cancer Immunotherapy
WHAT IS CANCER ? Cancer is a disease caused by abnormal cell growth in various organs of the body forming a lump that has spread to nearby organs or spread to other parts of the body through the blood system or lymphatic system. There are many types of cancer depending on the original location of […]
Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells)
NK Cells ( Natural Killer Cells ) – Non Targeted Immunotherapy NK CELLS is an INNATE IMMUNITY system This immune is derived from the bone marrows. It is considered as an important type of white blood cells in the rapid response to non-specific foreign object which means that if the body detects an abnormal germ […]
Dendritic Cells Vaccine
What is Dendritic cells (DCs)? Dendritic cells (DCs), are antigen-presenting cells, are responsible for the initiation of adaptive immune responses and hence function as the ‘sentinels’ of the immune system. Dendritic cells are specialized to capture and process antigens, converting proteins to peptides that can be stimulated T cell recognition. Dendritic cells (DCs) are immune […]
Car T Cells
CAR – T CELLS – Targeted Immunotherapy Cancer immunotherapy in the form of CAR-T CELLS is a cancer treatment based on the principles of the immune system. T CELLS of LYMPHOCYTES will be genetically modified by using specific proteins on the surface of cancer as a model for creating TARGET or target groups to recognize […]