Liver Detoxification


Liver detoxification Reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver. And restore the liver function to be efficient

“Liver” is the important organ of the body. It controls metabolism, synthesizes and secretes enzymes for digestion and absorption (metabolism of carbohydrate, protein, and fats), stores agents used for producing haemoglobin, vitamin A D E K, minerals, and fats, as well as control the balance of hormone, and removes toxins in the body.

At present, people’s lifestyle risks the toxic substances exposures by eating food with contaminations; such as preservatives, additives (colors, tastes, and smells), insecticide, and fungus, etc, as well as inhaling and dermal absorption of toxins in the environment. Even the body’s self-produced toxins are delivered to the liver for detoxification. When it receives too many toxins that can’t be removed from the body, they will be released to the bloodstream which leads to the development of many diseases. Liver Detoxification will remove toxins and chemical substances from the body restores the liver’s function, as well as efficiently decrease the accumulation of fats in the liver and vessel wall.

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Novavida Integrative Medical Center (Anti Aging Center) provides Liver Detoxification service which is the intravenous injection of Vitamin, Amino acid, Vitamin B and C, Magnesium, Peptide, Glutathione, and other nutrients which boost liver’s detoxification function. At present, people’s lifestyle risks the toxic substances exposures, liver restoration is extremely necessary as it is an important organ and plays many roles; body metabolism control, digestion, the source of important vitamins and minerals, production of erythrocyte and detoxification. It is another method used to nurture the liver and efficiently reduces accumulative toxins in the liver.


The Benefits of Liver Detoxification

  • Protects the liver from toxins, medicines, chemical substances, and alcohol.
  • Reduces accumulative fats in the liver and the adhesion of fats in the vessel wall.
  • Produces many enzymes that help to remove toxins from the body.
  • Accelerates the restoration of the liver and the removal of the residual toxins in the body. Protects the liver from chemotherapy in cancer patients.
  • Increases antioxidants which are preventive to cell destruction from free radicals, especially cells of the liver.
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system for fighting against germs and foreign bodies to relieve the severity of flu or allergy.
  • Enhances the body’s recycling of antioxidants for reusability; such as vitamin C etc.
  • Prevents and fight against cancer, repairs cells, and returns freshness to the body cells, strengthens the body tissues which are especially related to skin, collagen, elastin, ligament, and the strength and flexibility of blood vessels.

Who should get Liver Detoxification?

  • A person who frequently drinks alcohol and smokes.
  • A person whose work regularly exposes to toxic substances; such as agriculturists, or located near industrial plants.
  • A person who loves grilled and fried food.
  • A person who sleeps late at night and has accumulative stress.
  • A person who regularly consumes processed food and food with preservatives.
  • A person who regularly takes painkillers.
  • A person with a weak immune

How often should we get Liver Detoxification?


You can get Liver Detoxification of Novavida Integrative Medical Center (Anti Aging Center) according to the doctor’s appropriate considerations. Peptide glutathione used in Liver Detoxification is antioxidant which is beneficial to the body. The amount of sessions is banked on the doctor’s considerations and the purposes; such as 1-2 times/ week for detoxification purposes.

Liver detox is important in preventing diseases, including cancer as 90% of cancers are developed from the environmental toxins; smokes, food, water, and air, which we inevitably face every single day. Novavida Integrative Medical Center (Anti Aging Center) envisions the significance in preventing the diseases, we provide Liver Detoxification service which is one important element of preventive anti-aging health care.