Liver Detoxification

Liver detox is the provision of essential vitamins such as vitamin C, B vitamins, amino acids, glutathione, magnesium, peptides and other nutrients which support the elimination of toxins by the liver and help to restore the function of liver.

A healthy liver is able to eliminate the harmful toxins from our body, reduce the toxins accumulation and the risks of getting diseases, keeping us healthy.

Liver detox is the treatment that convert toxins into soluble substances for the liver to flush out through our bodily excretions, restoring the liver functions. It is a significant treatment to reduce accumulative toxins and keep the liver healthy.


Liver detox helps to reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver, and restore the liver function.

The liver is the largest solid organ in the body, it is also an essential organ of the body that performs vital functions. These include the metabolism, synthesis and secretion of enzymes of the body, it helps with the digestion and absorption of the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as the storage substances used in the formation of hemoglobin, vitamins, ADEK, minerals, it also regulates the balance of hormones and eliminate the toxins in the body.

Every day we make decisions that affect your liver health. The choices we make on food consumption with preservatives, colors, chemical flavorings and the polluted air by chemicals, insecticide and other toxins, and even the toxins produced by our body will be delivered to our livers. When the toxins are accumulated and can be excreted, these toxins will enter the bloodstream, causing a variety of diseases. To safeguard your healthy liver and prevent the accumulation of toxins and fat in the liver and vessels, it is important to understand the roles the liver plays and the necessity of liver detox.

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The liver detox treatment at Novavida Integrative Medical Center, we provide the essential vitamins, amino acids, vitamin B, C, magnesium, peptides, glutathione and various nutrients intravenously into the bloodstream. This enables the body rapidly absorb the vitamins and minerals and help the liver to excrete the toxins. The liver is an essential organ which helps our body to provide energy, fighting off infections and toxins, helping clot the blood, regulating hormones and much more. Therefore, a healthy liver is of significant importance for us.


The Benefits of Liver Detoxification

  • Helps to reduce the fat accumulation in the liver and in the vessels;
  • Stiumulates various of enzymes to eliminate toxins from the body;
  • Helps the chemotherapy cancer patients’ liver accelerate the excretion of toxins;
  • Creates the antioxidants to fight against the free radicals, especially for liver cells;
  • Strengthens the immune system with a general defense against harmful germs and substances to relieve the cold or allergy symptoms;
  • Helps to body to recreate the antioxidants, e.g. Vitamin C;
  • Helps prevent the cancers by repairing and regenerating the cells throughout the body, such as skin, collagen, elastin, tendons and strengthen the flexibility of blood vessels.

Who is suitable for liver Detox?

  • Those who live unhealthy lifestyles, including regularly drinking and smoking;
  • Those who are frequently exposed to toxic materials, e.g. farmers or people working in the factory.;
  • Those who consume an unhealthy diet, e.g. grilled foods or fried foods;
  • Those who are stressed or do not get enough rest;
  • Those who often take preserved food or food with preservatives;
  • Those who often take painkillers;
  • Those who have weak immune systems.

Process of Liver Detoxification

  1. Doctor consultation and we will conduct a thorough examination of patient’s health condition;
  2. Based on the checkup results, the doctor will provide the tailor-made nutrients including vitamins, amino acids, magnesium and peptides, glutathione and so on, which will help the liver to excrete the toxins;
  3. These nutrients will be administered intravenously into the bloodstream;
  4. The toxins will be excreted with the urine;
  5. After the treatment, the patient will be supervised by physicians.

Pre-Treatment Preparation

  1. Doctor consultation regarding medical history and blood test to determine physical fitness;
  2. Before liver detox treatment, the patient can drink water normally;
  3. It is recommended to take Chelation therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy 1 week before Liver Detox for better result.

Who is not suitable for Liver Detoxification

  • Children under 15 years old;
  • Patients with renal failure or impaired renal function;
  • pregnant women

What should we pay attention to?

  • Liver detox is an effective treatment to increase liver efficiency to detoxify the body and get rid of the toxins through the urine. There is no side effects after the treatment. For a better and more effective result, it is recommended that the patients avoid those activities which may harm the liver, such as drinking alcohol and smoking.

How often should I take the liver detox treatment?


At Novavida Intergrative Medical Center, the professional doctor will evaluate the patient’s health conditions based on the checkup, and provide a needed treatment action. It is recommended to have the liver detox treatment for 1-2 times per week for the best result.

Every day some activities which we are even not aware of are affecting our liver health. It is said 99% cancers are caused by the toxins in our daily life, including from smoking, eating, drinking or even breathing. The liver detox at Novavida not only helps our body to detoxify the toxins to restore our health, but also has great importance in preventing the potential diseases in the future.

Why choose Liver Detox at Novavida?

Novavida Integrative Medical Center has a team of professional Anti-aging specialists, in this liver detox treatment, the nutrient is provided directly into the vein, including vitamins, amino acids, vitamin B, C, magnesium, peptides, glutathione and various nutrients intravenously into the bloodstream to help the liver to excrete the toxins.

“The liver detox treatment at Novavida is one of the best solutions to help patients to eliminate the toxins within the body to restore the liver functions.”