Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP)


What is Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP)?

Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP) is the treatment to restore or heal the injured joints tissues, tendons, muscles or the chronic inflammation by stimulating the cells and the regeneration of tissues and collagen. This treatment helps to restore the skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, deep grooves, dark spots, scars and acne scars, revitalizing the skin with younger and brighter look.

Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection

In addition, Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP) is used in the treatment for restoring hair growth by repairing the hair follicle cells and stimulating the inactive follicle cells with hair growth in order to alleviate the thin hair or hair loss problems without surgery. This treatment also enhances the result of hair transplantation with more efficiency and helps to heal the wounds faster.

Beauty Reinforcement Treatment
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Benefits of Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection

  • Helps to repair the damaged skin cells and stimulates new cell growth;
  • Stimulates the regeneration of tissue and collagen;
  • Helps to restore the re-growth of hair, solving the hair loss problems;
  • Enhances the results of hair transplantation more effectively;
  • Prompts the recovery of wounds or scars from hair transplant surgery;
  • Helps the recovery of chronic injuries such as outer elbow ligament, anterior knee ligament, Achilles tendon, bruise, groin ligament, hip ligament.

Advantages of Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP)

  • Obvious result with high efficiency;
  • High safety, the platelets is taken from the patients’ own blood, there will be no allergic symptoms;
  • Non-surgical treatment;
  • Woundless;
  • Convenience with short recovery period;


Pregnant women, lymphatic cancer or blood cancer patients, or people with sepsis, blood clotting disorder or anemia, please consult the doctor before taking this treatment.