Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP)


What is Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP)?

is medical science on anti-aging. Plasma fractionation is used to distill platelets from the blood. The plasma is enriched with platelets containing protein and cells from the concentrated bloodstream. It is used for treating and repairing injured, inflamed, or chronic deteriorated joints, soft tissues, tendons, or muscles. It also restores and repairs skin cells by stimulating the generation of tissue and collagen for elastic skin. It reduces deep wrinkles, dark spots, scars, and acne marks. It returns more healthy and rejuvenated skin.

Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection

” In addition, Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP) is used to efficiently restore and treat hair loss, bald head. Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP) will repair root hair cells and stimulate their function. The new-growth hair will be strong, thick, and healthy. It relieves bald head problems without undergoing the operation. It is a good method of retarding hair loss and solving bald head. It also enhances hair transplantation in fast healing and fewer scars.”

Beauty Reinforcement Treatment
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The benefits of Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP) ?

• Restore and repair skin cells
• Stimulate the generation of tissue and collagen
• Restore and treat hair loss and bald head
• Enhance a more efficient hair transplantation

  • Fast wound healing and fewer scars resulted from hair transplantation
  • Treating chronic injuries; such as tennis elbow, Anterior cruciate ligament, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, groin ligament, hip tendonitis

The advantages of Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP) ?

• High efficiency and fast result
• High safety as it is the injection of self-owned platelets which ensures zero allergy
• No operation or bleeding
• No wound
• Convenient, fast, and no recuperation


The service has refrained for pregnant women, hematologic and lymphatic cancer patients, a person with septicemia or severe inflammation, a person with blood clotting disorder or platelet disorders, and a person with anemia.