1. Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS) Novavida Integrative Medical Center (Anti Aging Center) adapts cutting-edge medical technology from leading country like the United States of America called Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS) for screening the details of the cell’s function in each organ. It lets us know during the diagnosis which organ is disordered. It also shows […]
Doctor Consultation
Another key to cell regeneration and disease prevention of Novavida Integrative Medical Center (Anti Aging Center) is doctor consultation. It is the important process which allows the doctor to assess the risk of developing the disease by focusing on the information provision, giving knowledge and making understanding of which body’s organs are deteriorated or disorder, […]
Blood Test
Blood test program for analyzing the level of deterioration of the body and the probability of disease which is the in-depth analysis. It is another important method for indicating the organs’ functions and deterioration in the body. It helps the doctor to diagnose or accurately recognize some disorders which lead to the correct and individually […]
Diagnosis & Planning
Novavida Integrative Medical Center (Anti Aging Center) focuses on health restoration with cell therapy which is the popular medical science on anti-aging nationwide and worldwide. The science principle is adapted for resuming the deteriorated cells to their strong and quality condition. It also excretes and detoxifies, as well as refills essential nutrients the cells in […]