What is Body Contour by Indiba? Body Contour by Indiba is the body care and muscle restoration at the cellular level with cutting-edge technology. Body Contour by Indiba will release 448 waves at 0.5 MHz from the radio to break down thickly accumulative fats. Those treated fats will be contracted and dissociated. After that, fats […]
What is Illuminating Growth Factor? Illuminating Growth Factor is the medical science on anti-aging which feeds skin nutrients, repairs skin at the cellular level by distilling platelet from the blood via plasma fractionation. The acquired platelets contain Growth Factor which helps the growth of skin cells, the increasing of elastic fiber, fibroblast, and collagen, and […]
Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection
What is Growth Factor Rejuvenation Injection (PRP)? is medical science on anti-aging. Plasma fractionation is used to distill platelets from the blood. The plasma is enriched with platelets containing protein and cells from the concentrated bloodstream. It is used for treating and repairing injured, inflamed, or chronic deteriorated joints, soft tissues, tendons, or muscles. It […]
What is Fat Destroyed with Slim & Tight burning? Fat Destroyed with Slim & Tight burning is the perfect combination for body shape care with medical science on anti-aging. It’s the assistant for weight loss which gives better and faster results. Fat Destroyed with Slim & Tight burning will accelerate metabolism which allows the body […]