Food Intolerance Test
USA ADVANCED FOOD SENSITIVITY TEST (132 FOOD ITEMS) Food Intolerance test package with special technique. The efficient and high-accurate test is conducted in laboratory in the United States of America. Food is essential for strengthening and repairing body cells. Therefore, it should have variety and appropriate proportions which can prevent us from diseases. On the […]
Genetic Screening test Is screening to predict disorders and disease risk from heredity. Although a blood or urine test for abnormalities in the body is important. But it cannot tell you the risk of disease in the distant future, so we should get a gene tested. For doctors to plan a comprehensive health care plan […]
OPTIMUM ENDOLIGHT Stray light therapy to quickly restore the deterioration of the body. What is Optimum Endolight? Optimum Endolight is an innovative laser light therapy. By using laser light to repair and treat cellular degeneration throughout the body It can be said to strengthen the energy of the cells effectively. Nova Vida Integrative Medical Center’s […]
Muscle & Joint for Pain Relieve
INDIBA FOR MUSCLE PAIN RELIEVE New dimension of the inclusive treatment for muscle pain and fast restoration for tissues Indiba for Muscle Pain Relieve is the use of radio technology which releases radio waves at 448 kHz frequency to the body. The body’s energy will be transformed which increases the body’s temperature about 3-5 Celsius. […]