Stem Cell Therapy (เซลล์บำบัด)

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy is an advanced technology for regenerative and reparative medicine by using the healthy stem cells to stimulate the activity of the cells within the body.

Stem cells therapy is also used in the anti-aging medicine to help to restore the health and revitalize the youth, slow down the aging process.

The important roles and benefits of Stem Cells


Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have various roles in the body and cellular environment, and the cellular phenotypes of MSCs changes in different conditions. MSCs support the maintenance of other cells, and the capacity of MSCs to differentiate into several cell types makes the cells unique and full of possibilities.


Homing is also of potential importance in the recruitment of marrow mesenchymal stem and stromal cells (MSCs) to sites of injury and regeneration. This process is less understood but assumes importance when these cells are used for repair purposes.


Mesenchymal stem cells can regulate immune cells through cell contact and secretion and can directly act on immune cells to inhibit their activity. Evidence has suggested that MSCs bind to activated immune cells, which may keep them in close proximity and thus enhance immunosuppressive effects.

MSCs have significant immunomodulatory capacity and play a role in both the innate and adaptive immune systems.


It has been proven that the angiogenic (the sprouting of existing vessels) and arteriogenic (the growth of collateral vessels). Angiogenesis is a complex multistep process that forms new blood networks, which requires endothelial cell growth and differentiation-associated soluble growth factors. MSCs secrete VEGF, FGF, HGF, placental growth factor (PGF), that are critical for vascularization. Several studies have reported the potential of increasing capillaries and newly formed vessels following MSC administration both in vitro and in vivo.

In summary, the Stem Cell Therapy can potentially enhance the cell and its regeneration, as well as maintain the cellular functions, specialize the cells that are damaged or lost. Moreover, the Stem Cell therapy can reduce the inflammation and stimulate the cell renewal.

The potential application of Stem Cell Therapy in treating diseases?

At present, mesenchyme stem cells (MSC) are widely used in the medical practice, for example, the use of mesenchyme stem cells in the treatment of neurological diseases, bone marrow diseases, eye diseases, diabetes, bone diseases and other autoimmune diseases. Please see the summary and references in the Table below.

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