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NOVAVIDA Integrative Medicine Center, the leading medical innovation with the innovative technologies and development technology from NOVAVIDA LABORATORY with a team of scientists who have professional experience. NOVAVIDA Integrative Medicine Center also working with other countries in addition to the innovations. NOVAVIDA Integrative Medicine Center have devoted to developing and experimenting for more than 20 years, we take the priority to the modern medical tools and equipment chosen by the top international hospitals and medical clinics to improve the quality of the treatment in order to enable patients, those who want to be healthy, and have a good quality of life, not bothered by disease.

““Committed to being a global medical leader for patients, those who want health and have a good quality of life, longevity, and without illness.” ”


Our vision is to become a global leader in medical innovation in order to enable patients, those who want to be healthy, to have a good quality of life, longevity, throw off the illness.


  1. NOVAVIDA Integrative Medical Center invent and improve the quality of treatment by adopting new technologies to be used in a concrete way with safety.
  2. According to international standards, NOVAVIDA Integrative Medical Center focuses on providing high-quality services in order for the guests to receive the service with the highest satisfaction.
  3. The core of the work of NOVAVIDA Integrative Medicine Center is to promote and develop human potential to achieve expertise and stick to professional ethics.
  4. NOVAVIDA Integrative Medicine Center creates a positive atmosphere that lets the guest feel like home when they during treatment.


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