Dendritic Cell Vaccine

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What is Dendritic cells (DCs)?

Dendritic cells (DCs), are antigen-presenting cells, are responsible for the initiation of adaptive immune responses and hence function as the ‘sentinels’ of the immune system. Dendritic cells are specialized to capture and process antigens, converting proteins to peptides that can be stimulated T cell recognition.

Dendritic cells (DCs) are immune cells that effectively link the innate immune and adaptive immune arms of the immune system. It can be described as a cancer vaccine made from your own blood. In the lab, your dendritic cells are trained and multiplied to present your specific cancer to your immune system. The treatment that is common be accepted and It is highly safe because it uses patient-derived dendritic cells. In our laboratory will perform your activated dendritic cells in a week and administrate back to you, The clinical efficacy of DC vaccine therapy showed the high benefit for relapse based on the improvement of the immune system.
Dendritic Cells Vaccine

Cancer Treatment with Dendritic Cells ?

Dendritic cells are specialized immune cells that play a critical role in promoting an immune response against a cancer antigen. DC is capable of boosting a memory T cell response through their capability to capture, process, and present antigen to T cells, and when DC administrates to your body it can also reach lymph-node resident DC directly through the lymphatics. DC-based vaccines are safe and the clinical response takes time to build up but remissions can be long-lasting.

DC targeting-based vaccination starts with the performing of monocyte-derived from peripheral blood, then differentiate monocytes into dendritic cells. Importantly, the presence of specific tumor antigens has a profound impact on immune response and several different receptors expressed by that.

Procedures of Dendritic Cells Treatment ?

  1. The oncologist will make a health assessment and do the treatment plan.
  2. The patient’s blood will send outdo the examination to check the immune reconstitution panel before do the DC culture.
  3. The patient’s blood will perform under sterile conditions with a professional technician.
  4. The technician will culture dendritic cells in the laboratory (Cleanroom Class 100) and which are subsequently treated with recombinant cytokines to induce differentiation, stimulated to induce maturation, and loaded with tumor-associated antigens.
  5. The DC vaccine will administrate to the vein and the oncologist will evaluate after 1 month of the administration.

Why Should Dendritic Cells Treatment be Selected?

  1. DC vaccine composed of ex vivo generated DC that are loaded with tumor-associated antigens.
  2. DC-intrinsic properties are relevant for immunotherapy, including the capacity to migrate between lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues and modulate cytokine and chemokine gradients to control inflammation and lymphocyte homing.
  3. DC can regulate and control the type and quality of T cell response elicited, via the production of cytokines
  4. The main tool for relapse prevention.