Dendritic Cell Vaccines

Dendritic cell (DC) is a type of antigen-presenting cell (APC) that form an important role in the adaptive immune system. When the foreign substances enter our body and cause the infection, the dendritic cells are immediately notified and locate the foreign substances, especially cancer cells, and stimulate other antigens of immune cells to eliminate the foreign cells.

In the past few years, there are plenty of researches on the immune stimulation as an effective treatment for cancer. It is considered to be a safe treatment to be used in the cancer treatment. The dendritic cells plays is an important part in acting as the intermediary between the innate immunity and the adaptive immunity.

How do the dendritic cells work?

The main function of dendritic cells is to help the immune system to recognize the receptors of cancer cells, which is also known as tumor antigens. The dendritic cells therapy works by stimulating the body’s natural immune system to fight cancer cells. Dendritic cells vaccines therapy is a revolutionary and promising cancer control therapy which is widely used in the latest treatment of cancer around the world.

When there are cancer cells appearing in our body, it will be difficult for the dendritic cells in the body to recognize the cancer cells, which leads to a delayed immune response. Therefore, with the culturing of dendritic cells in the laboratory and have them injected into the body, this can help to increase the number of dendritic cells in our body and make them more effective in stimulating the immune system.


The Process of Dendritic Cell Vaccines Therapy

  • The patient recieves a thorough health check up by a professional and experienced doctor for the preparation of treatment plan;
  • A sample of blood will be taken from the patient for the CD Marker analysis to determine the different type of white blood cells;
  • Dendritic cells are cultured in a sterile laboratory (Clean Room Class 100) to reach the amount for the treatment;
  • Apply the protein peptide from the tumor antigen to dendritic cells so that the dendritic cells will learn and identify the receptor of the cell;
  • The dendritic cells will be injected back to the body via the bloodstream with follow-up evaluation.
The Advantages of Dendritic Cell Vaccines

Dendritic Cell Vaccines are an effective cancer immunotherapy treatment. Dendritic cells play an important part in the immune response for antigen;

  • This therapy helps to eliminate the immunosuppression by cancer cells;
  • It helps to prevent the cancer from recurrence;
  • It is an effective way of the cancer immunotherapy without damaging the normal cells. Therefore it is a natural and sustainable way to fight cancer and improve overall immune system without side effects.