Integrative Cancer Therapy at Novavida

Bio-Techonology in Cancer Treatment

The immune system is the body’s defense against infection and cancer. It is made up of billions of cells that are divided into several different types.

Lymphocytes, a subtype of white blood cells, comprise a major portion of the immune system. There are three types of lymphocytes:

  • B lymphocytes (B cells) make antibodies to fight infection.
  • T lymphocytes (T cells) have several functions, including helping B lymphocytes to make antibodies to fight infection, and directly killing infected cells in the body.
  • Natural killer cells also attack infected cells and eliminate viruses.

Immunotherapy is a type of treatment that utilizes the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. Improves the body’s ability to detect and kill cancer cells and based on the concept that immune cells or antibodies can recognize and kill cancer cells.

Novavida Laboratory has been developing the technology of isolation, purification and cell culture techniques. Immune cells can be produced in the laboratory under tightly controlled conditions and then given to patients to treat cancer. Several types of immunotherapy are either approved for use or are under study in clinical trials to determine their effectiveness in treating various types of cancer.

Advanced Cellular Immunology Testing

These tests are proceeded by Novavida Laboratory in detecting the receptor on the immune cells or cancer-targeting markers.
  • Immune reconstitution panel: The test is used for lymphoid lineage analysis including T cell, B cell, NK cell and DC.
  • Surface marker: The test is used for detection cancer-targeting markers in the population of helper and cytotoxic T cells.
  • NK activity analysis: The test is used for evaluation the capability of NK cells to kill cancer cells.

Lymphocyte Cells

Lymphocytes are the part of immune system, essential to human defense against infectious organisms and cancers. Novavida Laboratory performs the banking of lymphocyte cells for the cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment for the balancing of the immune system.

Natural Killer Cells

Natural killer cells (NK cells) are innate lymphoid cells which can quickly response to the non-specific foreign substances. NK Cells Treatment is increasingly used in the cancer treatment. Clinical-grade NK cells expansion techniques are performed at Novavida Laboratory using enriched, purified, expanded techniques with international standards. 

DC Cells Vaccines

Dendritic Cells (DCs) are a type of antigen-presenting cell (APC) that form an important role in the innate immune system. DC Cells Vaccine is considered to be a safe treatment to be used in the cancer treatment. DCs are extracted from patients and then exposed to either digested tumor peptides from the patient’s autologous tumor or specialized protein which can activate the memory cytotoxic T cells.

Natural Chemotherapy (Mistletoe)

Natural Chemotherapy, also known as Mistletoe Therapy, is used the natural mistletoe extract in the cancer treatment. It is widely used in Europe and Asia in the support of killing cancer cells, it is also used in the combination with the chemotherapy and radiation to help to offset the side-effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. It can also be used to diminish tumor-related pain and to reduce the risk of tumor recurrence.