Genetic Screening

Genetic Screening test

Is screening to predict disorders and disease risk from heredity. Although a blood or urine test for abnormalities in the body is important. But it cannot tell you the risk of disease in the distant future, so we should get a gene tested. For doctors to plan a comprehensive health care plan for life.

The gene test only takes a sample of the epithelial cells, painless, and only once for life. The faster the check, the more worthwhile. Help prevent the occurrence of the disease promptly and help reduce future medical expenses

  • Wellness & Fitness Panel

Wellness & Fitness Panel: A complete genetic screening promotes good holistic health, anti-aging, and weight controlling.

  • Cardiovascular Sensor

Cardio & Metabolic Disorder Panel: Screening for predicting 13 cardiovascular diseases and 12 diseases resulted from the metabolic disorder, as well as the risk of using 5 types of heart disease medication.

  • Cancer Risk (98 Gene & 25 Cancer)

Child Panel: The screening is to predict the abnormality and the risk of 25 childhood diseases.