Hang Over Recovery Infusion

Hang Over Recovery Infusion

What is Hang Over Recovery Infusion?

Hangover Recovery Infusion is the intravenous injection of multivitamin and concentrated minerals with their special properties. It recovers and refreshes the body after a heavy party. It is a detoxification that removes free radicals and cleanse the liver which is destroyed by the consumed alcohol. It can also fast relieve dizziness, nausea, and hangover within 30-45 minutes, as well as, increases freshness to the body.

How often should we get Hangover Recovery Infusion?

You can get 1-2 times/ week depending on the considerations of the specialized anti-aging doctors. It takes about 45 minutes/time.


Who is suitable for Hangover Recovery Infusion?

Hangover Recovery Infusion is suitable for a person who has been drinking alcohol for a long time or needs to recover from a hangover and increases freshness and vigour.