Supreme Vitamin C Infusion

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What is Supreme Vitamin C Infusion?

Supreme Vitamin C Infusion is the intravenous injection of fluid that contains concentrated vitamin C and B, magnesium, anti-free-radical calcium, and necessary minerals. It helps with health restoration at the cellular level. Concentrated vitamin C will boost the function of white blood cells and stimulate white blood’s function for a faster attack to gems; virus and bacteria.

It is to also balance and efficiently respond immune system. Novavida Integrative Medical Center (Anti-Aging Center) has adopted these concentrated compounds for several treatments, especially immune disorders or chronic fatigue, gloominess, and frequent cold. Giving high vitamin via the veins can freshen up and improve exhaustion, and relieve any other symptoms.

How often should we get Supreme Vitamin C Infusion?

You can get 1-2 times/week depending on the considerations of the specialized anti-aging doctors. It takes about 90-120 minutes/time.


Who is suitable for Supreme Vitamin C Infusion?

Supreme Vitamin C Infusion is suitable for a person with a metabolic disorder who need health restoration, and immune system booster for strong health, freshness, and liveliness. It is also suitable for a person who needs nourishment for bright and juvenile skin.