Medical Laser Therapy



Stray light therapy to quickly restore the deterioration of the body.

What is Optimum Endolight?

Optimum Endolight is an innovative laser light therapy. By using laser light to repair and treat cellular degeneration throughout the body It can be said to strengthen the energy of the cells effectively.


Nova Vida Integrative Medical Center’s Optimum Endolight Anti Aging Center is the latest generation of low energy laser innovation. From germany It uses the emission of light waves at different frequency ranges through fiber optic cables. To stimulate mitochondria to generate a large amount of energy for injured cells to repair themselves by using Optimum Endo Light, which will not damage tissues. Which is considered to restore health at the root cause Using medical science in anti-aging medicine (Anti-Aging)

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Optimum Endolight is suitable for use in combination with parenteral vitamin administration.

In order to maximize efficiency in restoring health Which can give an intravenous laser Or stick to the skin instead of acupuncture safely reduce muscle and tendon injuries. Innovative Laser Light Therapy of the Nova Vida Integrative Medicine Center Anti Aging Center . It consists of blue light, green light, yellow light, red light and infrared light. Each color of light has different treatment results. And stimulates the activity of cells And the immune system This innovation is supported by clinical research worldwide.

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Application of low energy laser light for body therapy

Using laser therapy on the skin Laser therapy Laser Therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Beauty laser therapy Laser cell therapy Using laser therapy in the joints Using laser therapy through a vein

medical laser therapy

Low energy laser beam efficiency


Helps to increase the energy of the cells Increase blood circulation Increase the efficiency of the immune system Help break down fats that adhere to the artery wall It helps fight pain and inflammation. Reduce the problem of depression, nausea, migraine pain, etc.


Help fight inflammation Stimulates the production of Tolemerase enzyme, which stops or slows aging at the cellular level. Stimulates the production of fibroblasts to heal wounds And stimulate the production of elastin, collagen and protein to increase, etc.


Stimulate the secretion of serotonin. Which is the hormone of happiness And related to the work of the cardiovascular system and intestines to reduce depression symptoms Helps build vitamin D, thus making it immune to pathogens Increase metabolic processes And helps to detoxify cells, etc.


Help promote the work of red blood cells And hemoglobin Reduce blood viscosity Reduces lactic acid, which causes acidosis. Optimizing the capture and transport of oxygen in the bloodstream to cells, etc.


Improves the production of energy ATP in the cells, helping to repair cells. Increase blood circulation And reduce inflammation, etc.