Optimum Endolight Therapy

Optimum Endolight is an innovated laser light therapy by using laser light for therapeutic purposes, it helps to increase the energy levels in cells and restore the health of cells.

Innovative laser therapy helps restore the cell function

Optimum Endolight therapy at Novavida Integrative Center uses a Low-Level Laser technology invented in Germany, this treatment applies low-level laser to stimulate the mitochondria, or cells’ powerhouse to produce a substantial amount of energy. The Optimum Endolight therapy helps to repair to damaged cells without destroying the tissues, reducing the risk of diseases. It is widely used in the anti-aging medical care.

Optimum Endolight Therapy is suitable to be combined with Intravenous Vitamin Therapy.

Lasers go through the blood vessels to promote the regeneration of blood cells without destroying the muscle and tendon. The Optimum Endolight therapy at Novavida Integrative Medical Center provides Red light, Blue light, Yellow light, Greenlight and Infrared light for the anti-aging medical treatment.Each laser of a different wavelength and frequency has a different level of penetration into the skin layer, cells, and tissues.

Application of low-level lasers in the treatment

  • Laser therapy for skin beauty;
  • Laser therapy on a specific area;
  • Laser therapy in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP);
  • Laser therapy for aesthetic treatment;
  • Laser therapy in combination with cell therapy;
  • Laser therapy in the treatment of joints;
  • Laser therapy in combination with IV therapy;
The functions of low-level lasers


boosts cell energy, improves blood circulation, enhances the immune system, breaks down fat in arteries, reduces and soothes inflammation, treats depression, nausea, and migraine.


reduces inflammation, stimulates the production of telomerase enzyme, which has anti-aging effects, stimulates the production of fibroblast to heal wounds, and stimulates the production of elastin, collagen, and other essential proteins.


stimulates the secretion of serotonin, or the “happy hormone” that has a role in cardiovascular and gastrointestinal functions. It also supports the synthesis of Vitamin D, giving it its antimicrobial effect, improves metabolism, and removes toxins from cells.


promotes functions of red blood cells and hemoglobin, improves blood circulation, treats polycythemia, reduces lactic acid that causes acidosis, improves the binding and transporting of oxygen in blood.


boosts the production of ATP in cells, repairs damaged cells, improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation.