It is the filling of natural ozone to the cells in the body.

In order to boost up immunity and efficiency of body's function.

Ozone Therapy was discovered by a German chemist named Christian Frederick Schonbein in 1840. Ozone was firstly used for sterilizing and cleaning the operating room and sterilizing drinking water. Then, it was used to treat patients with allergy. The 10cc blood will be drawn for treating with Oxygen Booster, and this auto vaccine is delivered back to the body through the injection of hip muscle which gives good results of treatment.  At present, medical science on anti-aging provides Ozone Therapy for restoring health and preventing diseases.


NOVAVIDA Integrative Medical Center provides Ozone Therapy by drawing about 180-200 cc. the blood which is fused with Ozone and intravenously injected back to the body. Ozone activates oxidation reaction which helps white blood cells to efficiently eliminate bacteria, fungus, viruses and transform toxic substances and accumulative wastes in the body into inertia and non-toxic substance before being safely removed via liver and kidney. It stimulates the production of sufficient white blood cells for protecting the body.


The Principles of OZONE THERAPY

OZONE THERAPY leverages the unstable of ozone’s structure, which consists of 3 molecules of oxygen (O3). An ozone generator will transform pure oxygen from the source, which consists of 2 atoms of oxygen’s molecule (O2), into ozone (O3).

When molecule of ozone fused with blood and is delivered back into the body, the molecule of ozone will split into 2 segments;

  1. O2 (pure oxygen) which boosts energy for cells
  1. O (Single Oxygen) which is not stable. The single oxygen will catch with molecules in tissues and blood stream which causes oxidative reaction.

The Reaction of OZONE THERAPY

  • It can eliminate anaerobic bacteria; which are some viruses and bacteria. Ozone Therapy can treat diseases resulted from the infection from those bacteria; such as cold, herpes, and hepatitis.
  • It removes residual toxins in the body by transforming toxic substances and wastes into inertia substance before being safely removed via the liver and kidney.

How is OZONE THERAPY beneficial?

  • It increases the efficiency of blood circulation.
  • It stimulates the function of white blood cells in eliminating the foreign body in the body and the function of NK cells.
  • It increases the efficiency of blood circulation.
  • It stimulates the function of white blood cells in eliminating the foreign body in the body and the function of NK cells.
  • It boosts energy for the body and cells.

Who is suitable for Ozone Therapy?

  • A person with a fever or infection
  • Patients with hepatitis, cirrhosis, herpes, shingles
  • Cancer patients who receive radiotherapy, the single ozone will cling onto the skin of cancer cells which will be removed by the body’s immune system.
  • A person with osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatoid
  • A person with allergy, urticaria, asthma
  • Autoimmune and psoriasis patients
  •  A person with chronic wound and bedsore
  •  A person with diseases related to fungus
  •  A person with acne or abscess problems

How often should we get Ozone Therapy?

It depends on the factor, purpose, and the considerations of specialized anti-aging doctor. The doctor might recommend to get the treatment 1-2 times/ week. It can be adjusted based on the individual need.

Preparation before OZONE THERAPY?

  • Check the deficiency of the kidney’s function and G-6-PD deficiency before receiving the first Ozone Therapy treatment.
  • Having a normal meal, no fasting needed.