Brain Booster

What is Brain Booster?

Brain Booster is the intravenous injection of fluids that contains necessary vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for the brain. It is a special formula of Novavida Integrative Medical Center (Anti-aging Center) which nourishes and restores the brain’s function. It focuses on the boosting of the nervous system and the brain’s function, increases the stimulation to neurotransmitter for the perfect nerve cell’s growth. It enhances nerve cell’s function learning and memorability’s efficiencies. Brain Booster vitamin is a good helper inefficiently preventing dementia.


How often should we get Brain Booster?

You can get 2-3 times/ week depending on the considerations of the specialized anti-aging doctors. It takes about 45-60 minutes/time.

Who is suitable for Brain Booster?

Brain Booster is suitable for a person who needs to restore the nervous system and brain function and increase learning and memorability’s efficiencies. It is also suitable for a person who needs to decrease risk factors for dementia.