Perfect Curve Infusion

Perfect Curve Infusion is an anti-aging medical treatment providing vitamins, L-Carnitine and minerals intravenously into the bloodstream to double the metabolism acceleration twice faster than the normal process, it helps to stimulate L-Carnitine’s function, increasing the muscle performance during the exercises, it converts body fat and sugar into energy, thus helping to reduce the fat deposits in the body. In addition, this treatment increases the Growth Hormone which plays an important role in the growth of the body and controls the functions of the organs and restores the muscle with healthy look in order to get firm and good shape of the body.

Who is suitable for Perfect Curve Infusion?

Perfect Curve Infusion is suitable for those who want to lose weight effectively, improve the metabolism or those who has the hereditary obesity and those who want to have better shape of the body.

How often should I take Perfect Curve Infusion?

It is recommended to take 1 – 2 times per week. The duration of each treatment is about 60 – 90 minutes. However, treatment frequency will also be based on the doctor’s prescription.