Ms. Kanyakorn Duangsuwan, stage-3 bone cancer treatment plan

” Ms. Kanyakorn Duangsuwan (Nickname: Meen) is a patient of stage 3 bone cancer with the osteosarcoma on the leg, which causes the compression on the nerves of aortic vessels, resulting severe pain. As the osteosarcoma’s getting worse, she almost had to have her leg amputated. Accidentally, Meen searched the information online and found Novavida, she decided to come and consult the doctor with a customized treatment plan. After the treatment, Ms. Kanyakorn‘s health got obvious improvement and stronger than before and could live her life normally as usual. “

A new option of cancer treatment!

Novavida Integrative Medical Center provides the innovative tailor-made cancer treatments by applying the world’s leading technology with the immunotherapy immunotherapy of all stages of cancer treatments. The customized treatment plan is made based on each individual’s condition to increase the chances of being cured, reduce the recurrence of cancer and enhance the traditional cancer treatment result, reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. What’s more, the therapy also helps to strengthen the immune system to fight against cancer cells.

Immunotherapy is a cancer treatment method which relies on the stimulation on the white cells of body’s own immune system to fight cancer and eliminate cancer cells.

3 therapies of cancer treatment plan

Ozone Therapy

Ozone was discovered by the German chemist Christian Frederick Schonbein in the 1840s. Ozone was initially used to sterilize the operating rooms and the drinking water. After that, ozone was applied in the use of the treatment of allergic symptoms. By taking a 10 cc blood sample and mixing it with ozone, then the blood was injected back into the patient again (Auto Vaccine), the result turned out to be effective. At present, ozone therapy is widely used in anti-aging medical care to restore health and prevent the diseases.

At Novavida Intergrative Medical Center, we offer the Ozone Therapy in Bangkok to help improve your overall health. A 180 – 200 cc blood will be taken from the patient, then mixed with the ozone, and intravously injected back via the bloodstream. This therapy activates the body’s own antioxidant and eliminate the bacteria, viruses and harmful microorganisms in the body by transforming them into inert and non-toxinc substances which will be excreted by the liver and kidneys. The Ozone Therapy also helps stumulate the producing of white cells to enhance the immune system.

Ozone is a unstable activated form of oxygen that contains three oxygen atoms (O3), making it far more energetic and oxidative. When the the blood mixed with O3 is reinjected back to the body, the O3 will be divided into two parts:

1. O2 (pure oxygen) provides energy to cells.

2. O (Single Oxygen) which is unstable. The oxygen molecule will bind to other molecules in tissues and bloodstream to activate the oxidation reaction.

The Ozone Therapy is effective in eliminating anaerobic microorganisms, including the viruses and bacterias. Ozone therapy can used to reduce the infectioned caused by microorganisms, such as cold, herpes, shingles and hepatitis.
It also helps to eliminate the toxins in the body by transforming them into inert substances, and excrete them via the liver and kidney.

What are the benefits of OZONE THERAPY?

  1. Improves the blood circulation;
  2. Activates the producing of white cells to eliminate the harmful microorganisms, viruses and bacterias. It also stumulates the function of NK cells;
  3. Stimulates energy of cells;
  4. Activate the body to produce enzymes to eliminate free radicals, helping to slow down aging process.;
  5. Helps to diliver the nutrients to cells

Colon Hydrotherapy

Closed-system colon hydrotherapy helps to rinsing out toxins and residues without using chemicals. The Colon Hydrotherapy at Novavida Intergrative Medical Center is a healing practice in which the colon (large intestine) is gently cleaned and irrigated by a stream of warm, filtered water of 37.5 – 38.5 degree , which is the same temperature as the body to promote regular bowel movements, rinsing out toxins and residues.

Colon Hydrotherapy is a natural, safe and easy procedure that helps your body get rid of toxins that may be residing in your large intestine, during the treatment, the warm water will be circulated for about 30 minutes until the residues are completely cleaned up. The Colon Hydrotherapy is different from taking laxatives, it helps to get rid of the toxins or residues accumulated, including the mucus in the colon and the residues in the deep intestine. This treatment is also different from taking the normal open bowel enema, which can only clean the lower intestines, colon hydrotherapy can help to completely clean up the residues and support digestion and gastro-intestinal health by promoting regular bowel movements, restoring the function of colon and solve the problems of many diseases.

The difference between enema and colon hydrotherapy.

The normal open bowel enema applied drug or substances to stimulate and speed up the excretion of waste. It is usually used for cleaning the colon before a surgery. Colon Hydrotherapy is the gentle infusion of filtered, temperature-controlled water into the colon, which fills the colon allowing impacted toxins and waste to be removed without using any chemicals.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

1, Helps maintain balance of bacteria in the intestines;

2, Helps to improve the intestinal system;

3, Helps to restore the health of interstines;

4, Stimulates the work of the digestive system;

5, Helps prevent constipation and maintain normal excretion frequency;

6, Helps enhance the efficiency of nutrients absorption;

7, Stimulates the production of hormones;

8, Reduces the risk of colon cancer;

9, Helps reduce the accumulation of toxins and residues in the body;

10, Helps improve skin health;

11, Helps to improve the health of heart and improve the blood circulation;

12, Improve the mental strength and energy;

13, Improve the feeling of positive and relaxed

14, Helps to get rid of the toxins and residues on the intersinal wall, which may decrease the efficiency of immune system and may cause diseases, such as fatigue, skin disease, depression, colon cancer, constipation, diarrhea, acne inflammation, dry skin, bad breath, allergies, etc.

Supreme Vitamin C Infusion

Supreme Vitamin C Infusion is to inject the essential vitamin C and vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and antioxidant nutrients intravenously into the bloodstream to enable the body to rapidly absorb vitamins and minerals. This treatment offers high amounts of vitamins C and antioxidants, it enhances the white blood cells to prevent virus-related illness and helps to balance the immune system, stimulate the immune system to work more efficiently to reduce the risks of diseases.

At Novavida Intergrative Medical Center, the Supreme Vitmamin C Infusion treatment is applied in the treatment of many diseases, espcially those related to diseases such as fatigue, tireness, getting cold caused by the weak immune system. Our Supreme Vitmamin C Infusion supplies the body with a high dose of vitamin C intravenously to enhance the immune system to prevent the diseases and relief the symptomes.

The Supreme Vatamin C Infustion therapy is suitable for those who have has defective nutrients absorption problem, those who want to restore the health of organs and slow down the aging process; those who have a weak immune system and often get ill; those who want to have bright and young-look skin.


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