Thailand’s Stem Cell Therapy Cost

Thailand’s Stem Cell Therapy Cost

There are many reasons why Thailand is voted to be the best destination for medical tourism. During the past few years of Covid-19 pandemic, it may bring the whole world to a standstill. However, since 1st October 2022, Thailand announced its re-opening, and it is ready to welcome all the people around the world, including those with medical tourism intention.

One among the reasons why people choose to travel to Thailand for the medical care and treatments is that Thailand not only provides excellent service and care, but also it is the medical hub with innovative technology and facilities.

Stem cell therapies have been becoming popular in recent years globally, as the stem cell therapies show the potential in the alternative medicines in treating many conditions. More and more types of stem cells are introduced as more innovative technology is being applied, and more and more people are aware of the benefits that stem cells bring to them and gradually take the stem cell therapies instead of traditional drugs or hospital visits for conventional treatments.

How Much Does Stem Cell Therapy Cost?

The cost of Stem Cell Therapies can vary in different countries, since it is highly dependent on the laboratory where the cells are being cultured, the total number of stem cells administered or injected as well as the types of stem cells. For example, Thailand stem cell therapies cost varies from 270 USD to 800 USD per million cells. In Novavida Integrative Medical Center, patients can choose different sources for stem cell culturing from their own blood, fat or placental tissue-derived and the cells will be cultured in Novavida’s own laboratory. Therefore, the stem cell therapy cost at Novavida Integrative Medical Center can be maintained to be affordable for the patients. 

In summary, the stem cell therapy cost may vary depending on the following factors:

  • The type of stem cells
  • The amount of stem cells
  • The quality of stem cells (the stem cell culturing medium)
  • The quality of laboratory
  • The source of stem cells (umbilical cord, adipose tissue, blood, etc.)

It is also important to note that the stem cell therapy cost will vary depending on the treatment as well. For example, the cost of a local injection will be different from an intravenous treatment.

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Why The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy is High?

That the stem cell therapies cost is high is because the stem cell field is still highly specialized as an alternative medicine option. Additionally, there are still very few sources for stem cells to derive from, and the cost of laboratories to process stem cells is also high. In Thailand stem cell therapies can be applied in treating various conditions and the cost will be different. For example, the cost for stem cell for beauty and stem cell for erectile dysfunction are different, because of the different types of stem cells used and the number of stem cells needed for these treatments.

Why choose Novavida for Stem Cell Therapy?

Novavida Integrative Medical Center is the pioneer of Thailand stem cell therapy, offering innovative stem cell solutions to the customers in the field of diseases treating and prevention, beauty, erectile dysfunction (ED), bone and joint recovery and anti-aging. Over the years, Novavida Integrative Medical Center with its own laboratory have been seeking to offer the highest quality products, the latest available treatments for a variety of conditions, all combined with a world-class setting and service.

Advanced Stem Cell Technology at Novavida

Facial Rejuvenation Program

While you can’t stop the aging process, you can benefit from Stem Cell Innovation for Facial Rejuvenation Programs presented by Novavida Integrative Medical Center to reduce the signs of aging and keep you look younger.

Erectile Dysfunction

Novavida offers a unique stem cell treatment for ED based on the correction of hormonal, vascular and neurologic mechanisms of sexual capacity and body regeneration stimulation.

Bone And Joint Recovery Treatment

Musculoskeletal problems can cause pain and restricted or reduced movement. Simple muscle aches and pains can be relieved with anti-inflammatory.

Osteoporosis is the gradual thinning and weakening of bones, a process that can be prevented and solved by the restoration the pain spots.

Stem Cells for Rejuvenation

Novavida’s treatment of Stem Cells for Rejuvenation is personalized individually. Our stem cell therapy is aimed to the prevention of premature aging while rejuvenating the patient’s internal and external organ systems in pursuit of an organic pathway to longevity.


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