What is Anti-aging Medicine?


Anti-aging medicine is a medical science that helps prevent and reduce the chance of developing aging process and revitalize and regenerate the cells. In anti-aging medical care, we use the international leading innovative technology to provide the anti-aging medical care treatment from genetic level, hormone level, vitamin level, antioxidant level as well as health checkup and blood test.

Novavida has team of professional physicians and doctors, providing customized treatment plan for each individual based on the patient’s test and health check-up, helping to slow down the aging process as well as prevent the occurrence of future diseases.

Causes of aging

The aging symptoms happen as the decreasing of functions of endocrine glands and organs as our ages increase. We divide the causes of aging into 4 types:

1. Over exhaust the body

The human body is like a machine, when the machine is overused for a long time, the efficiency will inevitably decrease, which is not the same as what it used to be in the early stages. So are our bodies. When our bodies are overused , it will result the system and the body to deteriorate.

2. Hormonal Insufficiency

The human body produces various hormones to participate in the process of work in the body. As people’s age increase, if our daily diet that we eat is not appropriate without the necessary nutrients to our bodies, it will result the lack of some certain necessary vitamins and minerals, thus making the imbalance of hormone-producing and accelerating the process of aging.

3. Genetic

Gene is another important factor that can determine the process of aging. It is inherited from our parents, for example, if our parent has gray hair in early age, we are most likely to get the gray when we are young too. From the example we can see that gene plays an important part in determining the process of aging as well.

4. Free Radical

The free radicals are produced within our body every day, which have a negative effect to the cells in the body, it destroys the DNA of the cells, making the cells unable to repair themselves and finally die. Therefore, to control the free radicals is also an important factor in slowing down the aging process.

“Anti-aging medicine is a part of preventing and inhibiting the deterioration of the functions of each organ in the body to slow down.”

Benefits of Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti-aging medicine is a branch of medical science for health care. It treats the underlying causes of aging and focuses on the holistic prevention in order to restore the functions of the body as efficient as what they used to be and slow down the aging process.

With the modern medical technology and the professional physicians and doctors, anti-aging medicine can also help to detect and identify the cause of the problems, so that a comprehensive and tailor-made treatment plan will be made specifically to solve the problem.

Anti-aging medicine is also a preventive health care by taking advanced and specific treatment to prevent the occurrence of disease from origins, it provides the long-term health care rather than short term result of curing the current symptoms. Anti-aging medicine aims to contribute to the extension of a healthy life span.


Who is suitable for Anti-Aging Medicine?

Anti-aging medicine is suitable for those who care their own health, especially those aged over 40 years old. The anti-aging treatment helps to prevent the deterioration of the cells and reduce the chance of developing aging-related diseases in the future, it also helps to detect and identify the cause of aging and finds the most suitable and specific treatments to slow down the aging process. Therefore, the earlier the treatment is started, the better result it will be.

“Anti-aging medicine allows us to live the happy and healthy liives as we are aged.” 


Process of anti-aging treatment

1. Pre-Screening

Novavida Integrative Medical Center uses the world-leading medical equipment Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS) from the United States. It provides a colour-coded model and feedback on the activity of the body on a cellular level. Charts and graphs are also generated to provide helpful biofeedback.

2. Doctor Consultation

In Anti-aging medical care, doctor consultation is another key to cell regeneration and prevention of disease, it is important because the doctor will diagnose and evaluate the conditions, then give specific details of treatments and adivce on cautions before and after the treatments based on disease history and the understanding of the patient’s conditions. It is believed that the doctor consultation is the be great importance for a best treatment result.

3. Blood Test

Blood test is essential to evaluate the body conditions and prevent disease. It is an important method to check and analyze in-depth of the conditions of the organs and cells. With the result, it helps the doctor to diagnose the diseases or potential risks of our body in order for a suitable treatment.

4. Diagnosis & Planning

In Novavida Intergrative Medical Center, we apply the cell therapy for anti-aging medical care and disease prevention, which is considered to be one of the most popular treatment around the world. The professional Novavida physicians and doctors provide the detailed treatment schemes based on each individual’ health condition, the tarlor-made treatment programes are aimed to solve the pateients’ specific problems. Novavida Intergrative Medical Center is your best trusted health care consultant and we asure you a better quality and happier life.

Because we believe that each patient has health problems. and have different organ degeneration A personalized treatment plan is therefore of utmost importance. Patients with Novavida Anti Aging Center Integrative Medicine can be assured of the correct and most appropriate treatment. to lead to good health and quality longevity.