Stem Cell for Rejuvenation

Stem Cell for Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation stem cell therapy is the treatment by injecting the stem cells into the layers of facial skin to regrow, repair, replace and rejuvenate the skin, solving the problems of wrinkles, pores or rough skin.

Advantages of facial rejuvenation stem cell therapy

Stem cells act as a revitalizing system by repairing and replacing the damaged cells. After the stem cells are injected into the layers of facial skin, they will generate the growth of skin cells.

Stem cells also stimulate the facial white blood cells to reduce the inflammation as well as enhance fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin, making the skin more smooth and bright.

Is stem cell therapy really effective to slow down the aging process?

Facial rejuvenation stem cells therapy can help to repair and replace the damaged cells and stimulate the Growth Factor and other substances’ production on the facial skin, making it smoother and bighter. Clinical practices showed that this therapy in conbimation with other health activities would bring the best result, such as healthy diet, taking exercises, taking vitamins and get enough antioxidants.

Stem cells for facial rejuvenation

The stem cell type used for facial rejuvenation is mesenchyme stem cell, which are usually harvested from the umbilical cord. For the best result for the facial rejuvenation, the MSC is usually injected together with PRP. Novavida Intergrative Medical Center provides the mesenchyme stem cells for facial rejuvenation from 3 available sources:

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  2. umbilical cord
  3. placental membrane

For those who want to have the stem cell IV therapy, Novavida offers 2 sources of stem cells:

  1. The stem cells isolated from the patient’s own blood will be cultivated in a clean room lab then transplanted back to the patient. This type of stem cells will cause no side effects;
  2. The stem cells isolated from the umbilical cord or placenta. Before cultivating in the lab, the stem cells will be checked and ensure the safety from fungi, bacteria of infectious diseases, such as syphilis, hepatitis and AIDS. This type of stem cell may stimulate the patient’s immune system with the possible side effects of low fever or mild aches.

Process of facial rejuvenation treatment with stem cells

  1. Doctor consulation with a facial examination, the doctor will conduct a treatment plan based on the examination;
  2. Appointment will be made for the stem cell facial rejuvenation treatment;
  3. Before the treatment, nurse will help to clean the face and apply the anesthetic;
  4. The doctor inject the stem cells into the layers of facial skin;
  5. Once the treatment is done, the patient can return home by himself without staying overnight in the clinic

What you should pay attention to in the facial rejuvenation stem cell therapy?

  • Patients with other disease history or any food/drug allergies, please inform the doctor before receiving the treatment;
  • Get enough rest;
  • 3 days before and after the stem cells treatment, please avoid eating oily or fried foods;
  • 3 days after the treatment, please avoid travelling in case of bacteria infection;
  • After this treatment, the patients may experience more sleepiness than usual. Make sure to drink more water;
  • Avoid outdoor sports for at least 1 – 2 days after the treatment;
  • 2 weeks before or after the stem cell treatment, please avoid such surgeries as botox injection, filler injection, liposuction and so on;
  • 1 week after the treatment, please avoid recieving the chelation therapy.

Why choose facial rejuvenation stem cell therapy at Novavida?

Novavida Intergrative Medical Center has a team of professional doctors and physicians speicializing in the field of stem cell and has its own international-standard laboratory for the stem cell isolation and cultivation. When the patient plans to have the stem cell therapy, the physicians will start the stem cells cultivation in the lab and have them ready by the scheduled treatment date.

The stem cells in the facial rejuvenation treatment are of premium high quality. They are cultivated in Novavida’s own laboratory without being transported from other places to ensure the activeness of the stem cells. Besides, the stem cells used in the treatment are under strickly screen of fungi, bacteria and infectious diseases. It is guaranteed that the stem cells used in the treatment are of the best quality.