Muscle & Joint for Pain Relieve

Muscle & Joint for Pain Relieve


New dimension of the inclusive treatment for muscle pain and fast restoration for tissues

Indiba for Muscle Pain Relieve is the use of radio technology which releases radio waves at 448 kHz frequency to the body. The body’s energy will be transformed which increases the body’s temperature about 3-5 Celsius. Two types of electrodes will be used for treatment. Capacitive electrode (CET) is used to increase blood circulation and lymph node, as well as burn the fats. The second one is the Resistive Electrode (RET) which is used to stimulate the specific lymph node and burn the in-depth fats. The research indicated that the waves at this frequency range can lift up the slim shape, smoothen skin, and decrease skin wrinkles efficiently.

Who is suitable for Indiba for Muscle Pain Relieve?

  • A person with muscle pain
  • The patient who just underwent the operation
  • A person who needs body firming


The service has refrained for pregnant women, phlebitis patients with the blood clots, and a person with a defibrillator or electronic devices.