Car T Cells


CAR – T CELLS – Targeted Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy in the form of CAR-T CELLS

is a cancer treatment based on the principles of the immune system. T CELLS of LYMPHOCYTES will be genetically modified by using specific proteins on the surface of cancer as a model for creating TARGET or target groups to recognize cancer cells. This makes CAR-T CELLS accurate in destroying cancer cells.



CAR-T CELLS is the latest innovation and technology in cancer treatment. United States Food and Drug Administration has officially announced the use of this treatment technique in patients with leukemia and lymphoma.

CAR-T CELLSbased immunotherapy approaches?

  1. Patients meet experienced doctors to assess health and plan treatment in detail
  2. Analyze the specific protein value of biopsy, also known as PROTEOMIC
  3. After receiving the result from step 2 indicating the patient’s type of specific protein, 10-15 ml. of blood will be collected to extract LYMPHOCYTES:
    T CELLS and genetically engineered to make T CELLS target or kill cancer cells
  4. Culture CAR-T CELLS in the laboratory to grow suitable numbers of cells for treatment
  5. Inject the cells back to the patient through a vein
  6. Receive follow-up care to evaluate and analyze the next treatment

Who is eligible to receive CAR T-cell therapy?

  1. Patients who do not respond to chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  2. Patients who receive CAR-T CELLS treatment in combination with chemotherapy
  3. Patients who wish to completely remove cancer cells and / or patients with remaining cancer cells in the body and wish to prevent cancer recurrence


  • High accuracy in targeting because CAR-T CELLS treatment is a genetic modification of T CELLS (white blood cells) to produce receptors on their surface, be able to detect cancer cells hiding inside the body, and destroy cancer cells efficiently.
  • . High safety since CAR-T CELLS treatment can bind to the specific cancer cell and do not damage normal cells causing fewer side effects.
  • Support the immune system to be effective as the CAR-T CELLS injected into the body will remain and become IMMUNE CELLS of the immune system.

Possible side effects after being treated with CAR – T CELLS?

  • Fever and chills
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Body pain which may occur between 1-3 days after receiving CAR – T CELLS

How to behave after being treated with CAR-T CELLS ?

  • Avoid intense exercise
  • Abstain from spicy food
  • Eat 5 main food groups in suitable portions as doctor’s advice