CAR-T Cells

CAR-T Cells in cancer treatment

CAR-T cells therapy is a targeted treatment that gets immune cells called T cells to fight cancer by changing them in the lab, the changed cells make a type of protein known as CAR before they are grown and given back to the patient. CAR stands for chimeric antigen receptor. CARs are designed to allow the T cells to attach to specific proteins on the surface of the cancer cells, improving their ability to attack the cancer cells accurately.

CAR-T Cells are the latest innovation and technology in cancer treatment approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The process of CAR-T Cells therapy

  1. The patient receives a thorough health check-up by a professional and experienced doctor for the preparation of treatment plan;
  2. A small sample of the cancerous mass will be taken for the proteomic to determine the cancer cells’ specific proteins;
  3. Once the specific proteins of the cancer cells are determined, a sample of 10-15 ml blood will be drawn from the patient for collecting the T cells so that for the modification to CAR-T cells to fight the cancer cells;
  4. Culture the CAR-T cells in the laboratory to reach the amount for the treatment;
  5. The CAR-T cells will be injected back to the body via the bloodstream;
  6. Follow-up evaluation after the treatment.

Who is suitable for CAR-T Cells therapy?

  • People who don’t get improvement from chemotherapy and radiation therapy;
  • People who are taking cancer combination therapy with chemotherapy;
  • People who want to eliminate the cancer cells completely or those who still have the cancer cells and want to prevent the reoccurrence of the cancer;

Advantages of CAR-T Cells Therapy

  • Targeted treatment with high accuracy – CAR-T cells therapy is the treatment that uses a patient’s own modified white blood cells to detect and identify the cancer cells and eliminate them;
  • High safety – CAR-T cells therapy is a targeted treatment that blinds to specific cancer cells without damaging the normal cells. Therefore, there are very few side effects caused by the treatment;
  • Enhance the immune system – The CAR-T cells will remain in the body and continuously stimulate the immune cells of the immune system.