Skin Blink
What is Skin Blink? Skin Blink is parenteral nutrition; natural extracts which includes multivitamin and minerals, powerful enzyme in brightening aura skin. It helps preventing tissues from the destructions of accumulated free radicals, reducing wrinkles and dark spots, and nourishing even skin tone throughout the body. In addition, it stimulates skin exfoliation and rapidly reveals […]
Aura Addicted Infusion
What is Aura Addicted Infusion? Aura Addicted Infusion is the intravenous injection of concentrated multivitamin and minerals with special properties for deep nurturing and solving skin problems.  It is the restoration of skin structure and function at the cellular level to show juvenile skin again. It also gives pinkish bright, healthy aura skin, accelerates skin […]
Weight Burning
What is Weight Burning? Weight Burning is medical science on anti-aging for healthy and slim body care by intravenously injecting vitamin. The vitamin contains with L-Carnitine which takes care burning process at the cellular level by transforming fats into energy. It plays the role in enhancing weight loss. It is recommended to do exercise and […]
Perfect Curve Infusion
What is Perfect Curve Infusion? Perfect Curve Infusion is medical science on anti-aging for body care. Multivitamin (L-Carnitine), the powerful mineral, is given through the vein. It has special properties for doubling metabolism acceleration. It helps the body to stimulate the existing L-Carnitine’s function, increases the function of muscles while doing the exercises, and accelerates […]